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Some Words From Our Clients

Jeremie is a valued asset to the business community. I have worked with her on a few projects and her expertise is beyond compare. She is detail-oriented, committed, and will do everything possible to boost your bottom line.

I look forward to the next opportunity we can work together!

Cory Jenkins

If your business needs more traffic for your website that turns into revenue I highly recommend Jeremie and her company Smart Exposure Marketing. She definitely knows her search engine marketing and has proven it by her results time and time again.

Mark Anthony

What Jeremie does with SEO can take any business to the next level. She is ahead of the curve when it comes to getting websites ranked on Google and she is great to work with. You can rest assured knowing you are in good hands.

Tyler O'Kane

Jeremie has one of the best practices when it comes to SEO. Her complete understanding of how to increase your websites ranking within search engines will drive leads to your business. Her results always exceed expectations and I look forward to working with her again soon. I highly recommend her services!

Sebastian Beja

Our Proven Process Produces Results


We meet to discuss your company’s goals and the best scalable plan for growth.


We develop a strategy to begin a safe, logical, and trackable growth in quality organic traffic.


We build a complete trust fortress and secure your website’s online foundation to implement the growth strategy.


We execute all aspects of the technical SEO strategy for your website and your chosen keywords.


We believe that quality SEO is more than just top ranking, but is complete rank domination.

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Choosing Your SEO Company

What you need to know about SEO that could save your company and your reputation.

Chances are since you have come to our website, you already know enough about search engine optimization (SEO) to know that it has the potential to be something really incredible for your company. Or at least that is what you’ve heard.

The great part is that you are absolutely correct in that understanding.

The frustration comes in with all of the horror stories and unknowns that surround this rather mysterious thing called SEO.

To put it in very basic terms, quality search engine optimization can help your company’s website attain an online reputation and organic stream of traffic that can be a priceless stream of revenue.  However, if done incorrectly, your site can become obscure and hard to find online or even worse, it can become penalized and worse it can be de-indexed. In other words, quite simply removed and banned from the search engine listings altogether.

It really doesn’t help when SEO is one of those things that takes a deep understanding of how search engines work, what their language is, and how is the most effective way to communicate with them and let them know who you are and what you do.

There are literally hundreds of factors.

Really, who has time to learn all of that when there are a million other things you need to be doing to keep your company running, growing, and profitable?

Isn’t it much easier to hire a trustworthy source to take care of that part of your marketing strategy for you?  The answer is obviously a resounding yes, but how do you know who’s trustworthy and going to do the right thing for your company.

I mean, let’s face it, as a business owner in this industry, I know better than most just how treacherous it can be to find a quality SEO company that is going to look out for your company and build a solid reputation and foundation for online growth and exposure.

Trust me.  I hear the horror stories every day. 

Unfortunately, there are far too many SEO agencies out there that have learned tricks to either get your money and do nothing to your site or worse, to get your money and then do something stupid and get your site penalized.

It’s frustrating as a business owner to run into these people.  I mean, face it, in this day and age most people don’t even consider a company to be legit if it doesn’t have a website with at least the basic information about the company on it.  So there is no way that we can afford to let somebody come in and screw up our company’s online reputation or make it disappear.

We just can’t.

But how do you know? 

How can you trust that the company you partner with to design and develop your company’s online reputation and organic traffic flow will ACTUALLY look out for your best interests?

Here is what I can tell you, Smart Exposure Marketing exists for just that reason.

I used to build websites for companies and I loved it, but I felt bad for my clients that they had beautiful websites and nobody was coming to enjoy them or take advantage of the product or service offered.  I wished that I knew how to help them.

Heck, I wished I knew how to help myself!!!  My own website was only being visited when friends or family would tell somebody to come visit it and see what I had to offer. Or, if I forked out money on paid ads that were a crapshoot and really didn’t bring me a very good ROI (return on investment).

I hated it.  I was embarrassed that my own company had basically no reputation online. I mean, come on, the world wide web is supposed to be the land of limitless opportunity and clients leads.  So what the heck?  What was I missing?

With just a little search I began to read about this thing called “SEO” and I became both intrigued and intimidated by it.  I was reading two major ends of the spectrum on both its importance and its impact.

People were either screaming about how it killed their website and they had to start over, or they had more business than they knew what to do with.  Those that hired people to do it for them were either deeply bitter and angry or simply elated.

To make matters worse, the more I read the more confused I got.  There simply was not enough information to truly make a judgment on whether or not it would or even could work.

The way my mind works, I couldn’t let it go and I just HAD to find out what it was actually all about and whether I could make it work for me and ultimately be able to help my website design clients be able to make to most of the wonderful new websites they had.

Let me just sum up the journey by saying that it was headache filled hours of research followed by thinking, mapping, and more research.

After months of research and courses, I learned that the world of SEO is quite an intriguing world and actually has more potential than most people understand or could hope to believe.  The problem is that it truly is a very complicated combination of both art and science.  That combination must be designed to ebb and flow with the constantly changing online space and the search engine parameters.

It quickly became clear that even in the “professional SEO” industry, many SEO experts were still only operating with about half of the relevant information and really just taking a stab in the dark and hoping for the best.

That just wasn’t good enough for me.  I had to KNOW that it would work… I had to know HOW it worked… and I had to know how to make it work for both me and my clients.  If it was such a vast treasure, I just had to know.

So I learned.

Countless hours of training, research and practice have brought me and my company to the point that our clients now rest assured that their company’s online reputation and organic traffic strategy are in the best possible hands.

When you partner with us, you know that our “Prime Directive” (if you know anything about Star Trek) is to help companies with strict adherence to strategies and implementation that support only positive outcomes.

Our priority is to ensure that the stability and foundation of your website’s online reputation and organic traffic is safe and highly productive for today and poised to grow and change with the future progress of the online environment.  Put bluntly, your long-term success is our ultimate goal.

Our reputation and success depend on it.

We will never promise you anything more than we can deliver.  And you will be able to track your progress with us every step of the way through weekly and monthly progress reports that show both ranking and traffic progress.  Real, legitimate numbers that you can see.

While we can never assure that your rankings will STAY at the top of the list, we CAN assure you that what we do will always be safe and if your rankings slip, it will only take a minimal amount of work to bump your company back to the top.  That is why we build the foundations that we build.

So really, the biggest question I have for you is this…

You obviously have enough sense to seek out a quality professional that is going to keep your company’s online reputation safe as well as be able to help you achieve your online traffic goals…. so why not take advantage of our free video analysis?  We do thorough research into your company’s current online status.  We then take a look at what the potential is and the best way to approach your goals with a scalable strategy.  And yes, it is all free.

So why risk the wait?  Why risk having your competition take all of your potential?  Just click HERE or on the Discovery link and fill out the form to the best of your ability.  We will do your video analysis and get back with you shortly.