The Heart of Smart Exposure Marketing

Over the years I have been many things and worn many hats.

They have ranged from retail and management to owning my own metal sculpture business and designing websites.owner-of-smart-exposure-marketing

I have always found eventual success in everything I did, but as I experimented with niches and applications I always came back to two things.  First, that I really could do anything I wanted, and two the only thing I wanted to do was to help people and businesses to be successful.

There was a very distinct time while I was building websites that I just reflected on what brought me to where I was.  It was a profound moment of recognizing the depth of my desire to help and make a difference… a real tangible difference.

I realized that when people experience confidence and hope that they become contagious and they begin to spread the same thing. That is part of why I began designing and building websites.

It was obvious at the time that the traditional world of business was transitioning to a completely new realm of web-based necessity, and I wanted to help make that transition a wonderful and proud experience.

For a time it was great.  My clients were more than happy with their websites and when their clients or customers visited the sites they had a great experience, but there was a problem.

Having a wonderful website was great, but it did nothing to increase sales, client lists, or lead lists.  My clients were still having to do all of their traditional paid advertising, which was often a crap-shoot as to its success and even more difficult to track.

It was no longer good enough for me just to build beautiful websites.

american-dream-picI had clients that were small companies doing their best to live the American Dream and struggling to stay afloat much less keep up with the big guys and the progress toward an internet-dependent society wasn’t helping matters at all.

Let’s face it, quality marketing and advertising have always been somewhat mystifying to many and considered something usually to be farmed out to companies that really knew what they were doing.  Now let’s throw in the online space with its millions of new opportunities, tracking methods, and literally unlimited reach… NOW WHAT???

“Now What” really was the big question.  I had to find an answer.  I wanted to be the champion for the little guy.  I wanted to do my part to help keep the American Dream alive for anyone with the guts to go after it.

And more than that…. I didn’t want to just give them a fighting chance.  I wanted to help them get the upper hand.

That is how I ended up learning about high-quality Technical SEO and marketing. And that is how Smart Exposure Marketing was born.

I went in search.  And you know, when a heart full of desire goes searching, it will find what it is looking for.

I dove into Technical SEO and digital marketing head first and have never looked

I am now able to offer my clients top of the line websites that are designed specifically for their businesses and make them feel proud of their online look but more than that, I now have a way to tie it in with some of the best marketing techniques available.

If my clients already have websites, I can get them the missing piece of the puzzle.

With an average of 65% higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising and marketing, Technical SEO is one of the least understood, most miss-represented, and yet most effective forms of digital marketing available.

With Technical SEO, I can tailor a strategy for my clients that is specific to their needs whether they are an extremely specific local storefront business or an international online retailer.  I am able to generate traffic for them that is full of people looking for exactly what they have to offer and already in the frame of mind to use or purchase their product or service.

There is no better traffic than the kind that looks for your business because they need what you have to offer.

So in many ways, my search for the perfect career for me is now complete.  I have a love and a passion for staying ahead of the curve and getting massive amounts of highly targeted traffic for my clients.

Now my mission is to help as many people and businesses to take the next step of growth as I possibly can.

I am now able to employ a few people that are equally as passionate as I am about helping dreams come true, and I expect to see our efforts continue to bloom and grow as our clients do as well.

There truly is nothing better than knowing you’re the best at what you do and you can profoundly change lives for the better while you’re at it!!!

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