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Jeremie is a valued asset to the business community. I have worked with her on a few projects and her expertise is beyond compare. She is detail-oriented, committed, and will do everything possible to boost your bottom line.

I look forward to the next opportunity we can work together!

Cory Jenkins

If your business needs more traffic for your website that turns into revenue I highly recommend Jeremie and her company Smart Exposure Marketing. She definitely knows her search engine marketing and has proven it by her results time and time again.

Mark Anthony

What Jeremie does with SEO can take any business to the next level. She is ahead of the curve when it comes to getting websites ranked on Google and she is great to work with. You can rest assured knowing you are in good hands.

Tyler O'Kane

Jeremie has one of the best practices when it comes to SEO. Her complete understanding of how to increase your websites ranking within search engines will drive leads to your business. Her results always exceed expectations and I look forward to working with her again soon. I highly recommend her services!

Sebastian Beja

Our Proven Process Produces Results


We meet to discuss your company’s goals and the best scalable plan for growth.


We develop a strategy to begin a safe, logical, and trackable growth in quality organic traffic.


We build a complete trust fortress and secure your website’s online foundation to implement the growth strategy.


We execute all aspects of the technical SEO strategy for your website and your chosen keywords.


We believe that quality SEO is more than just top ranking, but is complete rank domination.

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What can happen when you use the best Atlanta SEO company available to you?

GREAT QUESTION! And one we love to answer!

The answer is:  A LOT!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a generally misunderstood skill in the world of companies and website design.

When you partner with an  SEO agency that truly knows and understands the science of search engine optimization, you will see a massive increase in quality targeted traffic to your site that is LOOKING for exactly what you have to offer.

How it works

As SEO experts, we take your website from the wrong side of the tracks in a little-known area, pack it up and move it to the right side of the tracks smack in the heart of a huge flood of traffic that is looking for your product.

It is basically like saying that you own an upscale cafe geared toward corporate professionals and it currently resides in the middle of the tiny little town of “Hick-ville” with a population of 800.  We come in and move it all to the heart of downtown Manhattan.


We start by doing a complete detailed analysis of your website, it’s current reputation, layout, traffic, link structure, and about 100 other components. 

Once we have gathered all of that information, we do further research into the potential traffic that your site COULD be getting through both traditional and non-traditional but completely safe and highly effective methods.


After all of the research and analysis is complete, we develop a tailored strategy specific to the goals you have for your company, the potential for your website, and what it will take to reach those goals.


Once you have seen the entire strategy and approved it, your search engine optimization experts get to work! And your company begins to reap the benefit of the results.

What you can expect

Through the entire process, you can expect complete transparency with the progress.  We always send detailed progress reports so you have a complete picture of what is happening.

We will give you our best-qualified estimate on the amount of time it will take your site to achieve the results you are looking for, but we will NEVER promise something that is outside of our range of control.  That way you are never surprised or frustrated by the speed of the progress.

You will see a steady increase in both the quality and the quantity of the traffic that comes to your website.

You will experience the growth that comes from the domination of your niche in the online space.

How we stay cutting edge

The digital marketing world changes frequently and sometimes it will cause your site to experience progress slower and sometimes faster.  That is why we are here to take care of it all for you. 

We invest a lot into research and development at all times to make sure we are ahead of the rest when it comes to the changes taking place.

Part of our power comes from our deep involvement in a mastermind community of the most successful search engine optimization experts in the world, and we use that power in everything we do.

As YOUR  search engine optimization experts, we are partnering WITH you because we do not succeed until you do.

Have you seen enough to get your free site analysis? Or do you still want to look around a little bit?

If you are still going to look around, here are a few things to look for…

First:  Does the search engine optimization company have a list of services that you basically choose what you want and move forward or do they do a complete analysis of your site and bid the project based on what you need?

Beware of companies that don’t do a full site analysis and bid the project.  If you just choose from a list of services that are pre-priced, you are most likely looking at a company that has different “cookie cutter” solutions based on THEIR idea of what your company should have.

This is dangerous because they make a judgment on your site and what is needed based on their limited ability rather than on the full scope of what your company actually needs.  Then they use techniques that are usually outdated for current search engine parameters and are often “black hat” or high risk/low reward type strategies.

Those types of techniques have the potential to penalize your website or worse, get it blacklisted.

Second:  Do the SEO experts maintain any sort of active research and development or active involvement in cutting-edge SEO mastermind communities to keep their skills and techniques up to or ahead of the cutting edge?

There is an over-abundance of companies that truly believe they know something of search engine optimization and yet they do nothing to stay up with the ever-changing environment of search marketing.

There are literally changes in search algorithms almost daily as the computers “learn and adapt” in an attempt to bring higher quality and more relevant results to the person doing the searching.

The companies without the continued research and training fall behind quickly and are unable to rank effectively, much less dominantly.

Third:  Does this SEO agency have proof of their results?

There are two things to look at.  First, can they show quality rankings of their own sites?  Second, do they show their client ranks or not?

It is our policy to only show specific rankings of our own sites for the anonymity of our clients.  We have seen situations where an agency’s clients were made public via ranking display on the agency site and all of the sudden there was a malicious attack on the client site and then a rash of “less than par” SEO agencies trying to contact them to “clean up” their site.

We also believe that if we can’t show the rankings of our own sites, how can we prove that we know how to do what we do? 

On our sites, however, you WILL find a list of testimonials both from our clients and from other SEO agencies that we have collaborated with.

The bottom line

We are here to be your search engine optimization company.  We are here to partner with you and make sure that you are seeing the increase in traffic and potential revenue boost that you are looking for.

Contact us TODAY to get your free COMPLETE website analysis!  Just fill out the Discovery Form and we will get with you to discuss your perfect strategy.  We look forward to speaking with you very soon!

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