Guide To Choosing The Most Profitable Keywords

  Ha!  This almost feels like a trick! And that probably sounds completely rude for as you begin to read this article, but there is a really crazy point here when it comes to choosing profitable keywords to rank your business for… IT IS REALLY SIMPLE! Yeah. It really is. Here’s the thing that we [...]

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The One SEO Fact That Advertising Agencies Won’t Tell You

Search engine optimization is a HUGE factor in successfully getting quality targeted traffic to your website.  Here's why One article I read this morning stated that the average is 70% of all searches result in clicks on organically ranked links rather than paid ads. Basically, that means that nearly three-quarters of all searchers will intentionally [...]

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How Relevance and Continuity Maximize SEO Results

The constant progression of search engine algorithms tends to make SEO seem like a constant marketing battle.  In truth, it is not, at least when it is done correctly in the first place. It can actually create a very stable foundation for scalable digital marketing growth with a high return on investment.  A true technical [...]

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Consistent Quality Traffic Without Having to Pay For It

If you have a website, you want traffic. It’s really that simple.  That’s why you have it after all, right?  To get some form of information out there? Whether you have a business or have a blog there are basically 3 ways to get traffic to your site. Word of mouth:  You or people who [...]

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