Full Transparency… (long but worth the read)

I usually hesitate to post very much in the way of “opinion” style posts.  Mostly because I think that business is business, but I am seeing too many people get hurt not to say something.

So you will most likely be seeing the content I post a little differently.

Here’s the thing…

I own and operate a digital marketing agency that specializes in Technical Search Engine Optimization and some types of lead generation. (You might have guessed that since you are on my company website reading this blog)

I got into doing what I do because all of my life I have wanted to help people to find success and happiness in their lives.

I tried being a missionary and after coming home from a trip and spending nearly a year recovering from illness, I decided that perhaps I needed to find something that better suited me.

Eventually, I found marketing and it made the most sense. 

You know… more of the “teach a man to fish” idea.

My thought was that if I can help businesses to get more customers or clients, I can help them grow.  That, in turn, leads to better income for the owners and their employees… jobs created… food on peoples’ tables… more college funds with money in them… more medical bills paid… more people empowered and inspired…

How could any of that be bad?

It has since become my passion and in many ways my obsession. 

I look for ways to monetize anything and everything.  Not for the sake of the money… but for the sake of what the money can do.

Everything has a process and people employed to make it work. So yes… I am a huge proponent of business, small or large. 

You may even see me wearing my Capitalist Pig shirt as my declaration to the world of what I believe in. I fully believe in the idea #GetRich & #GiveBack. (Thank you, Stephen Larson)

All of that is the reason why I have to post this for anyone who owns a business, has a side hustle, or is thinking about getting into some kind of business.


What do I mean by that?

Anyone who is selling anything (we will stick with marketing services or gimmicks for the sake of this conversation) is using a bunch of words strung together strategically to influence you to pay attention and ultimately take the desired action to purchase or utilize what they are offering.

That is the point of marketing anything.  Some people look at is as manipulation.  Some people look at it as guiding someone through a process that makes it easier for them to justify and say yes to what they know they want or need.

In truth… it is all of those things. And in reality, none of them are bad in concept. Sure there are the scams out there or the dishonest.  But we deal with stuff like that all of the time in every aspect of our lives and marketing is no different. So if we just ignore those for now and continue our discussion…

The fact of the matter is that you use the same types of tactics to get your kids to eat their veggies.

My point is that when it comes to the world of marketing your business… all of the words and gimmicks they use to get you to utilize their marketing product or service are a bunch of shit.

All the promises they make… all the guarantees… all of it is complete shit…💩💩💩

… until you get to the cherry on the top.🍒🍒

The cherry on the top is the point where the product or service actually gives you a positive return.

The sad part is that as a business owner or entrepreneur you will never get the cherry on the top if you don’t know how to turn the shit into something useful.

Ok.  Enough being cryptic.

The bottom line is that I watch and meet entrepreneurs every day who are mad as hell that they got burned by using some service, “tactic”, or product.  They both want and need to grow their business/income and they know that they need marketing but they are SICK of being burned.

I don’t blame them either, but the sad fact is that they have actually brought the problem on their own head. 

I’m not trying to be mean but here is the truth…

If you (as an entrepreneur) don’t know enough of the basics of marketing YOUR NICHE, then you will always be swayed by slick sales and marketing schemes to get you the try the next best marketing product or service.  Then when it doesn’t work for you the way you hoped, you will be mad and feel burned.

The thing is that generally speaking, most of the marketing products and services out there are great and should be utilized with ONE CAVEAT…

You HAVE to know what works for your niche before you ever choose a product or service to use.

When you have a functional understanding of what works for your niche, you can easily choose the right products and services that WILL help your business or side hustle to grow.  Your ROI will increase and so will your income.

So how do you learn those things for YOUR niche?

Well, you can spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to learn it for yourself, or you can take a basic class to learn it (there are a couple of good ones out there that I would be happy to point you to), or you can utilize a marketing consulting service to help you out.

The bottom line is that you HAVE to grasp at least a general understanding of this our you will spin your wheels and lose money every time.

When you DO have the understanding, you will get that cherry on top of the shit…

When you realize where and to whom you should be marketing you can JUDGE which products or services you need to reach those people which effectively turns the shit into fertilizer.

That fertilizer (utilizing the CORRECT tools and services) takes you straight to the cherry (the increased revenue) you are looking for.

You greatly reduce if not completely eliminate the wasted time and money on useless marketing.

So if you have taken the time to read all of this, please consider seeking some help if you don’t understand how to best market to your niche.

Stop losing your patience, your time, your money, and your mind by grasping for marketing straws or taking shots in the dark.

We offer a consulting service that can help you figure out these exact things before you move forward.  Just contact us.

Just PLEASE… learn how to reach YOUR IDEAL CLIENT before you spend another dollar on the next best marketing product… service… tactic… or method!!!  PLEASE!!!

YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL so you can #GetRich and #GiveBack!!!