***Special note: the insinuated profanity in the title was only used to capture your attention.  Now that we have it, consider that you took the bait because you are looking for something… “out of the ordinary” that speaks to you.  Read on!

There are two kinds of people in the world.  There are those who make their dreams come true no matter what they have to go through, sacrifice, or learn to do it.  Then there are those who simply choose to close their eyes and hope for the best.

Not all of us are born with our eyes wide open.

Frequently we go through life with our eyes closed because we have bought into the lies of society that tell us what is or isn’t possible, what is or isn’t safe, and what is or isn’t acceptable.  So we simply hope for the best knowing that there are a lot of boundaries that seem to be constantly changing and we’re not sure if what we do next will actually help or not.

Yet, in each of us, there is a voice deep inside.  One that is crying out to challenge the boundaries, to believe that there is more, that whispers to you that the reality of your desires CAN be real.

Only those who choose to listen… even for a moment… will find the open door to the awakening they are looking for.

It can happen at any age, in any demographic, in any situation.

All of the sudden, you decide to linger ever so briefly just to see if you really are hearing voices, usually because you fear that you may be finally going over the edge.

In that split second, you recognized something that seemed familiar, comforting, exciting, and real.  Maybe you didn’t hear the words, but somehow the sound of the voice struck a cord so deep you must stop to listen just one more time.

Wait!  There it is…

Can it be true?

All of the sudden something you haven’t felt in far too long grasps hold of your very being so intensely that you feel like you are going to choke.

Yep.  That’s it.  It’s hope.

And what’s crazier… the voice of hope is YOURS.

It’s YOUR voice that you hear.  Your own voice telling you that you really CAN achieve your dreams.  You really CAN be confident in who you are.  You really DO have what it takes.  You really ARE that talented… intelligent… clever… beautiful… funny… creative… resourceful…

Why do you think it hit you so hard?

There is no voice we listen to more than our own.  There is no voice that we believe more than our own.  There is no voice that we listen for more than our own.

There is no voice that will tell us more truth about who we are and what we’re capable of than our own!

This is where the rubber meets the road.  The moment of decision.

Do you take a chance and listen to the voice or do you move on by closing your eyes again and hoping for the best?

Perhaps the better question is:  knowing what you now know, is it even possible to turn back or are you more afraid of coming to the end of your life and wondering “what if?”

Consider this your warning, if you’ve heard the voice, you will only face regret if you turn back.

The road to your dreams isn’t always easy.  Becoming who you are deep within can be painful because you must first shed who you’ve become as a result of the mold you were forced into.  Then the real you is free to emerge and thrive.

The outcome of the time and effort put into embracing that little voice and discovering all it has to tell you is worth more than you will ever be able to describe. That much is certain.

Never has anyone who embarked on this journey regretted it at the end of their life.  They have only felt bad for those who would not take it themselves.

With that in mind… know that the learning curve can be reduced if you are willing to seek assistance from those who have gone before you.

We all take our own path and have our own dreams, but there are certain universal truths that apply to the process for all of us that when you understand them can take much of the frustration out of the experience.

Somehow when there is an explanation for things it makes them easier to embrace and get through without fighting to get out and thus getting stuck.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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PS  At Smart Exposure Marketing, we believe that while digital marketing is enormously important, it is the people behind the businesses, in the businesses, and utilizing the businesses that make the world turn. In other words, mankind.  And without the continued expansion of human potential and investment in mankind, our world will become a very dismal place indeed.  We truly believe that people are awesome!

We believe that YOU are awesome!