The constant progression of search engine algorithms tends to make SEO seem like a constant marketing battle.  In truth, it is not, at least when it is done correctly in the first place.

It can actually create a very stable foundation for scalable digital marketing growth with a high return on investment.  A true technical SEO company can establish this for you.

Industry standards aren’t really “standards”

One of the most common issues with a large portion of the SEO industry is that it tends to focus on the technical aspects that “speak” to the search engines and miss the fact that websites ultimately are for people.

Yes, the websites generally have information for the consumer, but what isn’t seen is all of the stuff that is added or left out in an effort to gain a favorable review from the search engines. Those efforts that ultimately result in a diminished user experience.   Many times the user is left feeling like something is missing or that the site is too complicated to fully gain the information they are looking for.

Occasionally it is simply poor web design unless SEO is involved, then it tends to be the result of the SEO influence.

Fortunately, over time the algorithms continue to evolve in with the consumer in mind.

Despite the conspiracy theories and the nay-sayers, this evolution truly does benefit the end consumer and with the right perspective should make the vendor ecstatic.

As the evolution continues, it does become imperative that there become a synergistic fusion between the technical aspect of SEO and the importance of relevance and continuity.

Google and the other search engines continue to push forward to a rating system that is able to analyze the relevance and continuity of not only a website but also the sites linking to it and out from it.

In recent months we have watched as websites showing more continuity and relevance in their content and backlinks have become significantly stronger in the rankings.

At this point in the game, it does not mean that sites with less relevant continuity are in complete danger, it just means that it is time to ensure that your SEO marketing begins to align with not only what is currently happening but also the direction that SEO and the search engine algorithms are going.

Now is the time to take a look at the complete picture of your website, SEO, and marketing in general.

Anyone who has a quality understanding of Google AdWords knows that ad placement is partially influenced by a rating that Google places on the website associated with those ads.  The better the rating, the easier it is to attain better ad placement and frequently at better ad rates.

That rating is based on the websites relevance and continuity to the ads placed.  Usually it is primarily based on the landing page, however, the relevance of the entire site is beginning to be of increasing importance.

The Google/AdWords connection is no longer the only place where these types of ratings are taken into consideration.

Right now and as things progress it will be increasingly important that the foundation of a company’s digital footprint be established from the perspective of both relevance and continuity, as a side note, that includes ease of navigation.

Now armed with this knowledge, you have the opportunity to re-structure your digital marketing profile to maximize your opportunity, traffic and ROI long before the “general masses” begin to implement it.

If you would like assistance in creating or revamping your digital marketing portfolio to conform to the relevance/continuity issue, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.