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Full Transparency… (long but worth the read) I usually hesitate to post very much in the way of “opinion” style posts.  Mostly because I think that business is business, but I am seeing too many people get hurt not to say something. So you will most likely be seeing the content I post a little [...]

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Guide To Choosing The Most Profitable Keywords

  Ha!  This almost feels like a trick! And that probably sounds completely rude for as you begin to read this article, but there is a really crazy point here when it comes to choosing profitable keywords to rank your business for… IT IS REALLY SIMPLE! Yeah. It really is. Here’s the thing that we [...]

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The Little Things That Matter In Marketing

It’s The Little Things That Count In Marketing I daily come across marketing companies that advertise “this one thing” that will make “all the difference” when it comes to marketing your business. IT MAKES ME CRAZY! They are NOT correct!!! Yes, there are some things that count more than others, but in truth, there are [...]

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The One SEO Fact That Advertising Agencies Won’t Tell You

Search engine optimization is a HUGE factor in successfully getting quality targeted traffic to your website.  Here's why One article I read this morning stated that the average is 70% of all searches result in clicks on organically ranked links rather than paid ads. Basically, that means that nearly three-quarters of all searchers will intentionally [...]

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How Relevance and Continuity Maximize SEO Results

The constant progression of search engine algorithms tends to make SEO seem like a constant marketing battle.  In truth, it is not, at least when it is done correctly in the first place. It can actually create a very stable foundation for scalable digital marketing growth with a high return on investment.  A true technical [...]

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How URL Structure Affects Search Engine Optimization

There are several hundred points of concern when it comes to optimizing your website for SEO (search engine optimization) and quality rankings.  Some points are major and some are minor. One of the more major points is URL structure. The first point of concern in a URL is the domain name, or the website primary [...]

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Get a F!*king Life or Close Your Eyes and Hope For the Best

***Special note: the insinuated profanity in the title was only used to capture your attention.  Now that we have it, consider that you took the bait because you are looking for something… “out of the ordinary” that speaks to you.  Read on! There are two kinds of people in the world.  There are those who [...]

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Consistent Quality Traffic Without Having to Pay For It

If you have a website, you want traffic. It’s really that simple.  That’s why you have it after all, right?  To get some form of information out there? Whether you have a business or have a blog there are basically 3 ways to get traffic to your site. Word of mouth:  You or people who [...]

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