It’s The Little Things That Count In Marketing

I daily come across marketing companies that advertise “this one thing” that will make “all the difference” when it comes to marketing your business.


They are NOT correct!!!

Yes, there are some things that count more than others, but in truth, there are a lot of simple little things that make much more difference than the big ones.  Mostly because it is all the little things that build a strong foundation.

Without the little things and that strong foundation, there becomes an abundance of missed opportunity when you do apply the big things.

For example, if your website has no way for your potential clients or customers to contact you, what is the point in spending $3000 per month in advertising?

Seriously?  You spend the time and money to make them aware of who you are and what you do but if they have no way of contacting you… WHO CARES?  You are just throwing your money away.

While I know that sounds crazy, I’ve seen it happen!

I had a situation the other day where I met a young lady that wanted some help with marketing so I got her card and gave her mine.

Frequently I work late into the night so I use email A LOT to contact people so that I’m not trying to call or text them at 11 pm.

So I went to contact this young lady and there was literally ONLY a phone number and her website on her card.  At least as far as contact info… that’s all that was there.

So I went to her website to use the contact form or grab an email address there.  No Luck.

No email.  No contact form. No phone number… NOTHING.  Just information about what she does and a blog.

I mean… come on!


You need more clients and you are wondering why you aren’t getting more clients but there is literally NO WAY for people to contact you. Is it really necessary to ask me for help?  OY

I know it seems like a complete no-brainer, but this is a real-life example and this is 2018 for crying out loud!!!

Beyond the truly obvious there are other things that make a big difference.

For example… your domain name and your email address.

If you want to use a free website hosting company like, that’s fine, but BUY A DOMAIN NAME!

People are not completely ignorant and when they see “” they realize that you have not put out the money to have a professional website built.  Unfortunately in today’s society that is like advertising…

“I don’t have any money and I’m trying to get my business going without money so I’m going the cheapest route possible and I’m going to tell you that I will put everything I can into you and your issue, but the fact is I can’t actually do it because I can’t actually pay for website hosting let alone the tools I need to take care of you.”

Seriously!  It’s subconscious, but I’ve seen it over and over.

Changing those little things completely changes how a potential client looks at you before they actually do business with you.  Let’s face it… first impressions are everything and they don’t happen face to face anymore!

Anyway, you can purchase a custom domain from companies like GoDaddy or NameCheap for less than $20 per year with privacy protection and while you still have a free website, you’re no longer advertising it to the world.

All of the sudden you look professional.

OH… and choose a domain that makes sense!  Make it simple to remember and understand. is just stupid.  It’s way too long and difficult to remember.  Try or something similar.

This takes me to email addresses…

If you’re in business or are a professional then look like it. is NOT professional. is NOT professional. is perfect.

There are ways to have free emails from your domain name and they are PRICELESS when it comes to being professional with your business.

These are just a few seemingly arbitrary and obvious things, but I see stuff like this ALL THE TIME.

What’s crazy is that potential clients AND the search engines pick up on these things.  In the long run, it can be damaging to your company or professional reputation and that kind of damage can be hard to reverse.

SO… take the time to get a domain name, a domain name email, and put your contact information on your website.

Make sure all of your information is available on your social media sites for clients to be able to contact you.

Pay attention to the little things as you get started so that you are setting up a solid foundation for a long and prosperous business future! 

If you have questions about some of the stuff that I’ve posted or want more information, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!  Just click HERE to fill out the contact form with your question and I will get back with you shortly.